Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cone of Experience and FTP

Describe what Dale's Cone of Experience is?
Simply put, it is a visual aid that shows how much we remember from the different ways we learn.
Is Dale's Cone of Experience logical? Factual?
Looking at the original image, without the percentages; it does seem logical. I can say from experience that I remember more information if I see it and read it as opposed to just reading it. Even further I remember more of things I actually participated in than anything else. For example, if I read a book I sometimes forget parts. When I watch a movie I remember much more of it. However, I strongly believe that not everyone learns the same. Therefore reading my result in a larger amount of information retained for some more than others. So a percentage could never be assigned to it. The percentages are a little “fishy” because they are all tens.
How does Dales' Cone of Experience comport with current research on teaching and learning in the assigned reading. After the reading, comment on your opinion of the validity of Dale's Cone of Experience.
Current research suggests that higher level thinking skills need to be engaged in learning. Some ways to do this is to engage the student in the lesson. Make it a personal experience. I do not believe in the percentages.

I was succesful in saving a document in FTP but have not been able to open it through a link.